Erlebe unsere einzigartige Brauerei mit Bäckerei und tauche ein in die Welt der Camba-Biere: Selbstgeführte Touren ohne Voranmeldung, geführte Klassik-Touren oder unsere original Bayern-Tour.





Diverse, modern and full of character - this is how Camba is starting the year 2023 with its new can line.


Whether Camba Mastrobator, Camba Black Shark or the popular and strictly limited Braumeister editions: from 01 March 2023, the exclusive and multi-award-winning Camba beers will be wrapped in a new outfit. All international beer styles, the Braumeister Editions from March 2023 and the 0.33l Camba Limited Editions, which were previously available in longneck bottles, will be presented in the new, attractively designed and, above all, opaque 0.44l can. In addition to the can, the Camba Chiemsee Edition will also continue to be available in the usual 0.33l bottle. The traditional Camba Bavaria varieties will continue to be available in the 0.5 euro bottle.


True to the motto "Everything has to change so that everything stays the way it is"[1], Camba Bavaria is positioning itself in times of a global energy and raw materials crisis in a stylish, colourful but above all new and future-proof way. With the introduction of the can, Camba is focusing on more resource-efficient and efficient production in the future and, with the launch of the new line of cans, is presenting itself as authentic and individual at the same time. Moreover, the switch to cans offers further significant advantages: in addition to sensory and taste benefits, filling the beers in cans enables a lasting sustainability in the energy balance including recycling and significant advantages in terms of transport and space.


From March 2023, Camba beers will be available in black, high-quality and opaque cans with eye-catching and individually designed labels, in the brewery shop and also in selected beverage markets and beverage wholesalers. The design of the cans is based, among other things, on the respective name of the Camba beer. The illustrations on the label artistically highlight the origin of the beer style as well as the different aroma notes that can be recognised in the taste of the beer. The graphics of the Braumeister editions, on the other hand, are largely based on the unusual naming that has been characteristic of these special, strictly limited editions for several years now.


[1] The Leopard, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

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