Brewmaster Edition: Strawanzer


Our Brewmaster Edition #59 for the month of February is here, brewed by Brewmaster Daniel Buchner.
#59 STRAWANZER is mild and full of character with a fruity note. It convinces with a strong, harmonious malt sweetness.

This pale Bock was made with tradition. Saphir hops and of course complies with the purity law.

Strawanzer is now available in limited quantities in our online shop and our brewery shop.

Daniel Buchner answered three questions about his creation:

Why did you choose this style of beer and what is special about your recipe?

My girlfriend has already made a pale bock with a special yeast during our studies
which had a wonderfully fruity note. I wanted to replace this fruity-fresh note with an
special brewing process also add to the flavour profile of my beer. These flavours
complement the sweet and malty taste of my pale bock.

How would you describe the taste and how does the name fit?

A Strawanzer translates as a vagabond who roams the countryside full of life and adventure.
My interpretation of a pale bock also presents itself as a fruity, cheeky adventure,
that invites you to discover new things. The distinctive, full-bodied malt aroma nonetheless sets
the solid basis of a pale bock and makes you want more.

What occasion does this beer go with?

The beer goes well with hearty Bavarian dishes or a hearty snack. Also fruity-sweet
Desserts harmonise perfectly with the Strawanzer. Let the adventure begin!