Brewmaster-Edition: Seeoner Rot


Our Brewmaster Edition #61 for the month of April is here, brewed by Brewmaster Steffen Lieven.

Seeoner Rot is now available in limited quantities in our online shop and our brewery shop.

Steffen Lieven answered the following questions about his Brewmaster Edition:

Why did you choose this style of beer and what is special about your recipe?
I don’t find the red beers I’ve had so far fruity enough and am then often disappointed.
I would like to change that with this Brewmaster edition.

How would you describe the taste and how does the name fit?
Fruity and berry. The name refers to the intense red colour, and I had the image of a
Sunset in mind, reflected in the Seeon lake on a beautiful evening.

What occasion does this beer go with?
As a refreshing, light summer beer. Whether it’s after work or in the beer garden.