Brewmaster-Edition: Bavarian Tea Time


Our Brewmaster Edition #60 for the month of March is here, brewed by Braumeisters Tobias Bargenda with Justus Heinz.

#60 BAVARIAN TEA TIME the first Brewmaster edition in a can.
The amber-coloured British Ale convinces with its black tea-like notes.
A combination of English hops and Bavarian brewing skills, it’s a perfect substitute for afternoon tea
or simply as an after-work beer.
Bavarian Tea Time is now available in limited quantities in our online shop and our brewery shop.

Tobias Bargenda and Justus Heinz answered three questions about their creation:

Why did you choose this style of beer and what is special about your recipe?

Much like us, the UK has a long tradition of brewing and pubs. Especially
through craft beers and the increasingly popular Beer Pubs worldwide, British ales are international
become better known and more popular. In terms of taste, they are very different from the
American ale beers. The aim of this brewmaster’s edition is to create for this beer style the Bavarian
Brewing art with English hops to capture this characteristic aroma.

How would you describe the taste and how does the name fit?

The British late afternoon teatime is legendary around the time between lunch and dinner.
similar to our after-work beer. So why not combine the best of both worlds?
Our Bavarian Tea Time is a classic British ale, but with a little more tartness
and body. The English hop varieties provide pleasant herbal, black tea-like notes.
During fermentation, the beer in the tank is lightly stuffed with hops to further enhance these aromas
strengthen. The Bavarian Tea Time is our Bavarian reinterpretation of the world-famous
afternoon ritual.

What occasion does this beer go with?

Pünktlich um 17:00 Uhr zur Tea Time mit kleinen Sandwiches oder feinem Teegebäck schmeckt das Bier
best, of course, but also at any other time of the day or night.